Urban Trees 6 now on San Diego waterfront

March 21, 2010 – 11:39 am

Good overview of this year’s installment of the Urban Tree project from SanDiego.com‘s David Batterson:

There’s no bark on these “trees,” and dogs won’t be fertilizing them. Urban Trees 6 is this year’s planting of marvelous sculptures downtown along Harbor Drive, from the Cruise Ship Terminal to Hawthorn Street. They’ll be there for a year, and nary a leaf will fall.

The public art project began in 2003, and here’s how it works. Artists submit a model of their urban tree idea, and the Port of San Diego’s public art committee narrows it down to 30 finalists. From those little acorns, great oaks then grow. Each artist gets a base and pole (the tree “trunk”) and $2,500 for materials (whatever the artist wants to use).

It’s interesting while walking along to see how others view the trees….”

Read the rest with pictures at SanDiego.com.

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