Many reasons for TFM to love Mix: 9 San Diego Architects at MCASD

May 21, 2009 – 11:23 pm

The design and production staff at The Frame Maker are lucky enough to have worked with some of the accomplished talents presenting themselves in this new show at MCASD‘s La Jolla galleries.

Both here and on our Design blog we’ve posted about custom picture frame mouldings hand milled from sustainable lumber sources for San Diego architects Jenifer Luce and James Brown earlier this year.

So we’re especially happy about this show, not just for the celebration of our friends’ and clients’ work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, but also because the majority of us are passionate one way or another about architecture as well as art on The Frame Maker staff.

We were also very pleased to see our friend Rob Quigley properly credited in the MCASD online overview with inspiring an entire generation of designers and architects represented in this show, so as 2009 Corporate Sponsors of MCASD we took the liberty of reprinting original MCASD post here to share with you!

Lloyd Russell, R3 Building, San Diego, CA, 2007. Photo by David Harrison.

MIX: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers
May 22 through September 6, 2009

MIX: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers presents the work of nine architects and designers who lead local architectural design firms that are redefining housing design, development, and urbanization in the San Diego region and beyond.

estudio teddy cruz (Teddy Cruz, lead designer), LUCE et Studio Architects (Jennifer Luce, lead architect), Sebastián Mariscal Studio (Sebastián Mariscal, lead designer), Public (James Gates and James Brown, lead architects), Rinehart Herbst (Todd Rinehart, lead designer, and Catherine Herbst, lead architect), Lloyd Russell (Lloyd Russell, lead architect), Jonathan Segal FAIA (Jonathan Segal, lead architect), are representative of a generation of architects and designers who have pursued sophisticated design forms aligned with a critical understanding of the economic and social context of the region. These qualities, learned from the lessons of San Diego architects such as Ted Smith and Rob Wellington Quigley, have contributed to the remarkable development of original buildings and progressive housing models that have put this city on the architectural map, both nationally and internationally.

The architects and designers featured in MIX are known for their expertise and experience in designing and building spaces appropriate to a location. For this reason, each architect, designer, and firm will be defining their own representation for the exhibition, with new site-specific presentations of their own design.

MIX: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers is made possible, in part, by The Getty Foundation, which supported the project’s interpretive materials and research. This is the third of three exhibitions in a series called Connecting to Place. Additional support comes from the County of San Diego Community Projects Fund and the Office of Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, the San Diego County Community Enhancement Program, and MCASD’s Annual Fund donors.

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