Art Walk time again in Little Italy!

April 1, 2010 – 1:57 pm

We’ve been so focused on the 2010 MCASD Art Auction this year that we didn’t take up sponsorship again of another world class art event in San Diego, Mission Federal ArtWalk. In 2009, not only was The Frame Maker an official corporate sponsor of ArtWalk, we also built a business of art scholarship program awarded to an outstanding SDSU art student, Jessica Siemens. This year, we will just be cheering from the sidelines as the April 24 & 25 outdoor art festival in neighboring Little Italy falls just after the MCASD Auction on April 21.
We’ll be faeaturing some of our favorite ArtWalk artists here over the month of April, so check back here for our picks about who not to miss. While you’re around the web, look for this year ArtWalk collateral and check it out when you have the time!.

ArtWalk 2010
ArtWalk 2010

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