Ryan McGinness | MCASD 2010 Art Auction works

March 31, 2010 – 1:34 pm

The Frame Maker staff has loved Ryan McGinness’ intricately illustrated pieces ever since our friend Mark Quint began representing his work here in southern California, so of course its a pleasure to see his work contributed to the MCASD cause this spring.
Untitled is another McGinness piece where you have to look closely (and in person) at the marks on the canvas (or in this case, (panel). This is about as far from dashed off decorative abstract painting as you can get, with every edge, sweep and curve precisely laid in miniature landscape with fine detail. Here is the image from the MCASD Art Auction site:

Ryan McGinness, Quint Contemporary Art, MCASD
Ryan McGinness, MCASD Auction catalogue
For the complete catalogue of work available at the April 21 event, please visit the 2010 MCASD Art Auction site.

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