MCASD director Hugh Davies on visual literacy

December 22, 2009 – 4:23 pm

Yesterday, we found Museum of Contemporary Art Director Hugh Davies quoted in a short, but interesting, article on the UK site Sideways News.

The role art galleries play in developing visual literacy is an increasingly important one in the context of our media-saturated society where people are constantly subjected to advertising, says Hugh Davies, the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego….
Mr Davies argues the more a person understands the “language of art”, the more easily they will be able to resist advertising messages, as well as finding it simpler to navigate through an “ever-increasing maze of images”, such as those found on Google Maps or iPhone icons.

“Learning to see, interpret and discuss works of art promotes overall critical thinking, insightfulness and creativity – skills that can influence every part of life,” he added.

Read the original article here:Sideways News

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