Human/Nature @ MCASD Downtown

August 19, 2008 – 5:58 am

The MCASD staff graciously invited The Frame Maker to the opening of their new show, Human/Nature, a collaborative project between MCASD, the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; and Rare, an international conservation organization based in Washington, DC.

We all loved this show, which is thoughtfully presented in the galleries at the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Building @ 110 Kettner in downtown San Diego. Eight different artists were commissioned to travel to eight different UNESCO World Heritage Sites

“… around the globe and create new work informed and inspired by by their experiences in these diverse cultural and natural regions.”

The exhibition features newly commissioned works by Mark Dion, Ann Hamilton, and six other leading contemporary artists.

We were honored to frame the 20 children’s drawings for Xu Bing‘s installation, which has an interesting and functional web component you can check out from home.

Jason, Tom and I were all especially taken with Dario Robleto‘s lush and intricately constructed casework displays, which are like tiny museums-within-museums, each with its own distinct focus on a specific component of the human experience. Exquisite craftsmanship infuses each of these new pieces with the intrigue of a rare archaeological find.

Remember to check this out when you’re downtown this fall, the show runs through February 1 , 2009.

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